Achieving Provider Status

There are two levels of CPT Provider status, including CPT Provider and Quality-Rated CPT Provider.


CPT Provider

  1. Professional licensure/registration as a mental health professional, with psychotherapy in scope of practice; and
  2. Completion of CPTweb1
  3. Participation in a live CPT training (2-3 days) conducted by a treatment developer or an approved CPT Trainer
  4. Participation in 20 hours of sanctioned group CPT consultation (with discussion of own clients during the call; minimum of 50 minutes attendance to count toward attendance) OR participation in individual CPT consultation/supervision for a minimum of 12 hours3
  5. Initiation of at least 4 CPT individual cases or 2 CPT groups or some combination, and successful completion (completion could include early success per client outcomes) of 2 individual CPT treatment cases, 2 CPT groups or 1 CPT group and 1 individual case; and
  6. Use of at least one standardized instrument to assess weekly PTSD symptom progress with each of the above cases4
  7. Submission of redacted case notes, scores on PCL, and sample worksheets or stuck point log, if requested, for evaluation.

In order to be rostered, you must start case consultation and your CPT cases within three months of attending an official CPT workshop.  The only exceptions will be up to six months for maternity leave or serious illness/injury that prevents work.  If you cannot start consultation within that timeframe, you will be required to attend another workshop.  Normally, consultation is offered in concert with the workshops so that you should be able to start immediately.  If you start late and there is no group available, you will have to pay for individual consultation.

Therapists will have CPT Provider status for 3-year increments. They will be contacted by the CPT Program 6 months prior to expiration of their status in order to renew. To maintain CPT Provider status, providers must document that they have met requirements #4-7 above within their 3-year period of status.


Quality-Rated CPT Provider

In addition to the above requirements, to achieve Quality-Rated CPT Provider status, the provider must meet the following criteria:

Review of 2 randomly selected patient sessions of CPT for adherence and minimal competency (i.e., rating of “3” – barely adequate for each item) for the given session. The cost for the tape review of the 2 randomly selected sessions is $400. Once approved, therapists’ Quality-Rated CPT Provider status will be updated on the CPT Provider Roster.

Therapists will have Quality-Rated Provider in CPT status for 3-year increments. They will be contacted by the CPT Program 6 months prior to expiration of their approval in order to renew their Quality-Rated Provider status.  If the therapist would like to renew they will need to upload 1 client’s recording and standardized scores. One session will be reviewed for fidelity as outlined above. If approved, renewal of provider status will last for an additional 3 years. The cost for submission and review of the renewal client recording is $125. Please contact us for information regarding payment methods.

Signed consent forms for each patient for release of patient objective data and session recordings should be secured prior to submitting fidelity forms to the CPT Program.

CPT-C Fidelity Forms

CPT Fidelity Forms


Disclaimer: Designation as a Quality-Rated Provider documents a therapist has completed minimal training and consultation requirements. The CPT Program does not formally endorse or guarantee the outcomes for any clinician on the roster.

1. Completion of CPTweb must be documented by attaching a copy of the completion certificate provided by the Medical University of South Carolina.

2. Certificate of attendance of an approved CPT Training is required.

3. CPT Consultant/Supervisor will be verified by the CPT Training Program. Please email the CPT Program ( to verify that your consultant and/or supervisor is approved or if you have any questions about this. Candidates will provide the session-by-session standardized scores for each client.

4. Submitted for review using the score report sheet in the CPT Materials Manual.